Crystal G11

Following the big success of the Crystal G9, Iceberg Tech is pleased to introduce the brand new Crystal G11, aRGB computer case with infinity. This new case honor its name with tempered glass, both, in front and left side panel, is targeted to the PC Modder and PC Gamer who loves to play with computers and show off their hardware and incredible lightning effects. With room for up to 6 drives and 7 expansion slots for the installation of long graphics cards ( up to 390mm length VGA card ) large CPU cooler ( up to 165mm height clearance) and superior cooling through the 7 x 120mm fan mount locations throughout this case. Already included are 4 multi-LED RGB cooling fans in the front and rear. The Crystal G11 offers easy upkeep like tool-free removal of the left side and front panels. Considerable options for gaming peripheral connections through the three USB ports and HD Audio jacks. The G11 is constructed out of sturdy 0.60mm SECC steel and facilitates neat cable routing and good system airflow. Show off your cool components, aRGB Cooling and water or air coolers through the full tempered glass window side panel on the left side and front panel.

Quick Specifications

  • ► More than enough space for assembly and idle airflow
  • ► 0.6mm SPCC steel with reinforced EMI shielding
  • ► Supports graphic cards up to 390mm
  • ► Cable Management enables neat routing & airflow
  • ► 1 x USB 3.0 + 2 x USB 2.0 + HD Audio ports on the top panel
  • ► 3 x 120mm Double Ring aRGB with infinity fans included on the front
  • ► 1 x 120mm Double Ring aRGB with infinity fan included on the rear
  • ► CPU cooler height up to 164mm
  • ► Supports 240mm water-cooling
  • ► Tempered Glass front and left side panel
  • ► 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • ► Structure Size: 370*200*467mm (L*W*H)
  • ► Package: 503*230*495mm (L*W*H)
  • product Crystal G11
  • type Mid-tower ATX Computer Case
  • application PC Gamer system
  • color Black